UKBA Come Knocking

On the evening of 22nd Feb 2010, I returned home late in the evening.  My neighbour came over to myself and informed me that a load of police officers had been at my door at approximately 6pm and were there for about two hours.
I was certain at this point that they must of had the wrong address…  However, about 6AM the following morning (23-2-10), the whole house (and perhaps the whole street) was woken by a bunch of UKBA staff hammering at my door.
Although I was in a bit of a daze to actually realise what had happened I opened the door, at which point one of the guys barged past me almost sending me flying… (I was even at this point still a hefty guy)…
The staff who came to my home were rude, agreesive and your typical bunch of egits…  I went upstairs to my wife, and they attempted to barge their way into our bedroom. – obviously, my wife was in their with our very young child (five months old).  I did at this point warn the guy to go down stairs or I would knock him down the stairs.
At this point my wife was subjected to finger printing ETC.
She was issued with the following documents:
1) IS96 – This stated that my wife was being issued with “Temporary Admission but was still liable to be detained”
2) IS151A – This form outlined that my wife was a person liable to removal.  It outlined in the specific reasons: “You were issued with a visit visa for the UK. You have remained in the UK after the expiry of your visa and have therefore failed to observe a condition of your leave to enter.  You have overstayed within the UK in breach of sec 10 (1(a)) of the Immigration Act 1971.
The IS96 document also noted the following:
a) You are a person who is liable to be detailed
b) X You MUST reside at the address shown above
X You MUST report to an immigration officer at the Midlands Enforcement Unit (address above)        on (date) at (time)        and then (EVERY MONTH)
As we had already been in contact with numerous Immigration Solcitors we immediately got on the telephone to them.

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