Application for a Drving License

Salt in their wounds?

Help with a Driving License application…
After my little “mini-win” of actually making UKBA send out a FULL Certificate of Application to my wife
I thought that I might as well,  see about obtaining my wife’s UK driving license.
I therefore contacted the DVLA.  After a chat on the telephone with the guy at DVLA (and a very friendly and helpful guy he was – somebody who TRUELY UNDERSTOOD the concept of Customer Service – I can’t remember his name, But I remembered to thank him)
I therefore fire off a quick email for the following:

Subject: Re: Complaint as to UKBA Staff, EEA2 Application, COA, ETC.
From: My @ Email
To: [email protected];
Date: Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 16:41
Thank you for replying to this matter.
My wife has also been in contact with the DVLA in regards to gaining her Driving License. She has been told that she would need to provide the following in order to apply for her driving license in the UK (as she currently holds no RC / Valid Passport – passport is with yourselves at Euro Liverpool).
driving license applications without sufficient photo ID must provide at least one document from list a and four documents from list b:
list a (one document)
immigration status document, ISD – UKBA. home office issued travel document home office certificate of identification
list b (four docs)
expired european or none european passport
expired eu id card
national insurance card
photocopy of benefits letter
marriage or divorce cert
pay slips
Home office / dept WP letters
As we currently have sufficient documents from list b, the only problem my wife has with gaining her driving license is one document from list a.
DVLA have said that an Immigration Status Document (refered to as an ISD) , Cert of ID or Home office issued travel document is needed.
Can you confirm as to how my wife would gain one of these documents… Obviously, the COA provides proof of entitlement to live and work in the uk for 12 months (to get a driving license you need to be resident for six months) but DVLA are unsure as to whether a COA would constitute to the meaning of a ISD. Can you clarify please?
Also, I note that my wife would need a copy of her passport so as to be able to apply for work positions in the UK (satisfactory proof of ID – and proof of ID for her National Insurance Number) – She has an appointment with DWP on 20th Feb to gain her NINo. can you please advise as to whether the COA will be suffienent ID to gain her NINo for the purposes of ISD?.
Mr P

I was rather surprised to receive the following:

Subject: RE: Complaint as to UKBA Staff, EEA2 Application, COA, ETC.
From: EREC ([email protected])
To: my @ email;
Date: Thursday, 14 February 2013, 16:43

Dear Mr Pearson,  [Wrong name?]

Thanks for your email. An Immigration Status Document is usually an immigration vignette which is not endorsed in a passport. So in effect, it is a decision on an application.

I’m afraid I can’t advise as to whether DVLA or DWP would accept a COA as appropriate for their purposes as UKBA do not govern these bodies.


I hope this helps,

Kind Regards,


Bit of a Lie there though, Considering UKBA have no end of input into the decisions that influence the way these other bodies work…

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