Call with Eddy Montgomery…

Call with Eddy Montgomery…

Couple of things from today… The call (which was absolutely pointless…) and Meliana’s passport has been returned!
Eddy Montgomery called me, his no for his sheffield office is 0114 207 1434 < took about six listenings of voice mail to get to it… his no is engaged constantly though…
Just actually got through to his office this time…
right, after a short 20 minute conversation… I realise that this man is pretty useless… – Not worth bothering with…
HOWEVER: I do know that Ollie chasing him up on Friday ensured that my wifes passport is now in the post (so thats sorted)…
hes not “sure of the process for finger printing”… (finger prints require IS81 to be issued first. (regardless of if the person is already in the country… failing to issue IS81 renders the action unlawful!) Suprisingly, the document I gained this information from has been removed from UKBA website, but i have a copy on my PC still (isnt it nice being able to save PDF files…)) it was on this page (cache’d by bing)

is initiated by issue of form IS 81. 3. What are the procedures when a passenger is informed by a Border Force Officer that they are required to submit to a further examination? A Border Force Officer should advise the passenger that he is required to submit to further examination by serving the passenger with form IS81. The form also states to a passenger with continuing leave that this leave has been suspended and the reasons for examination. Once the IS81 form has been served to the passenger the Border Force Officer may resume his examination at any time without further notice being issued. If the examination is not completed at a subsequent interview the Border Force Officer should advise the passenger verbally that the requirement still stands. A Border Force Officer should serve a passenger with form IS81 under the following circumstances: 1. When the initial examination is interrupted 2. When it is necessary to refer the passenger to the port medical inspector 3. When the examination is commenced during passage (on board a ship or on a channel tunnel train journey) and is to be resumed ashore/on arrival in the UK 4. when detention or temporary admission is necessary before a decision to admit or refuse is reached 5. when a passenger requires fingerprinting 6. when a passenger’s travel document requires examination by a Forgery Officer 7. when an IO needs to make a back office check. Failure to issue an IS81 renders the activities listed above unlawful. Every IS81 issued should be recorded by ports. This information must be captured in order to accurately reflect the level of work undertaken at ports.

(NOTE: UKBA staff who do house calls are “port staff” and their port is the centre they are from [in our case West Mids]).
I’ve told the guy in no uncertain terms I want to know the name of the “Arresting officer” as my wife was not informed that she was “detained” or that she was “under arrest” when they called. – and this goes to reitterate that my wife was unlawfully “examined”. I also reitterated that when the guy barged into my home, he broke the law as no warrant had been issued. – (at this point he said he needed to consult with Rob again … )
He is the head of enforcement for northern england and wales… yet it looks like he is useless in his job?
Whether this will yeild any results on further info for the IS81 document and its requirements ETC I don’t know.  I did post this request a while ago, once I realised the requirement of them completing the document (which they did not do).
Come 21:00 (9PM) we receive a knock on the door.  It’s a guy from UKBA.  Turns out that they have driven my wife’s passport all the way down (in person) from the liverpool office!
They could of posted it using Royal Mail track and Trace.  But nope, a personal delivery.
We’re off to the Indonesian Embassy in the morning to sort out Meliana’s new passport.  We will then also apply for the Irish Visa – to take the Surinder Singh route back into the UK (unless we decide to remain in Ireland – In five years time If my wife becomes Irish, it could well give some benefits – IE: her parents can visit as a ‘dependant family member of an EEA national’ [myself to Ireland, or Meliana to the UK]).

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