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Reading of the Rights of a Child – Per CRAE –
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Date: Thursday, 4 April 2013, 5:21
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So, another day passes, and another day without either my passport on my doormat, or a response from UKBA.
I thought I would send a very useful link, which is a clear reading of the UN’s rights of a child…
I particularly like Article 7, point 2…. stating BOTH parents…
“Does the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child apply in the UK?
YES, the UK Government agreed to make all laws, policy and practice compatible with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child when it ratified it on 16 December 1991 (though it registered some reservations which have since been removed). As international law, the Convention is meant to be followed and should be referred to by courts, tribunals and other administrative processes when making decisions that affect children.”
Obviously, a Zambrano ruling is based upon children therefore this very strong international LAW should bear a lot of weight within any response to my wifes application as the primary carer for myself, and our two children.

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