Residency in Indonesia for married couples..

Residency in Indonesia for married couples..

Information regarding residency in Indonesia by way of a visa for mixed marriages…


If you are married to an Indonesian national, and wish to stay in Indonesia together with your Indonesian husband/wife, you are allowed to live in Indonesia with the sponsorship of your Indonesian husband/wife on a Limited Stay Permit/Temporary Resident Visa approved by the Immigration Office in Indonesia. This temporary resident visa is valid for a period of 12 (twelve) months with the possibility of extension (subject to approval from the Immigration Office in Indonesia).

The length of stay in Indonesia on a Limited Stay Permit Temporary Resident Visa is decided by the Immigration Office in Indonesia based on the sponsor’s request.

In this regard, may we suggest that both you and your husband/wife contact the Immigration Office in Indonesia at the following address without delay since it can take a considerable length of time to process such a visa and there is a lot of documentation to provide and process:

Direktorat Lalu Lintas Keimigrasian Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi Departemen Kehakiman Republik Indonesia Jalan H. R Rasuna Said Kav.8-9 Kuningan Jakarta 12940 Tel. (00-62-21)5225034, 5224658 Fax. (00-62-21)5225033 ———————
This information only goes to increase our Human rights claim to remain in the United Kingdom.  For British people to remain indefinately in Indonesia they require constantly renewed visas.  Indonesia does not provide any sort of “Indefinate Leave to Remain”
provides a little more information.
However, as you will see, the only way to remain in Indonesia without being Indonesian would be a very expensive process, which makes it near impossible for a foriegn, non-Indonesian person to remain for a lengthy period of time – Including non-Indonesian children of an Indonesian citizen.
To remain for a long period, a British citizen would have to renounce their British (and EU) citizenship and become Indonesian – Which itself would result in the deprevation of the rights of an EU citizen… ——————– Obtaining Indonesian citizenship A foreign citizen can apply to become an Indonesian citizen with the following requirements: = being the age of 18 years or older, or being married = when applying, having resided in Indonesian for a minimum of 5 consecutive years or 10 non consecutive years = physically and mentally healthy = can speak the Indonesian language and acknowledge Pancasila and Undang-Undang Dasar Negara Republik Indonesia Tahun 1945 = never convicted of a crime for which the punishment is imprisonment for one year or more = if having Indonesian citizenship will not give the person dual citizenship = employed or have fixed income = pay the citizenship fee Any application for citizenship is granted by the President of Indonesia ——————
Unfortunately, I myself would not meet the criteria for obvious reasons…
But in gaining Indonesian Citizenship, I would need to renounce my British and EU citizenship… This would clearly prevent me enjoying the benefits of being a citizen of the union.
Goes to increase our claim to remain in the UK…

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