It appears my "UKBA Blog" has been blacklisted by ISP's?

So, after a few weeks of checking, etc… It appears that the IP addresses of “Our-UKBA-Battle.TK” have been blacklisted.  For that reason, I’ve decided to redirect the domain here, but I am moving my posts [and whinning etc :P] onto this domain (Pearsall.EU).

The blog will appear to fill up pretty quick because of this…  If you get to this blog because of following a link, then the post you were looking for will be here somewhere…

One thought on “It appears my "UKBA Blog" has been blacklisted by ISP's?”

  1. I know that Virgin Media, Sky Broadband and a few others have blacklisted the IP addresses… The IP’s were working fine until a couple of weeks ago (right after the Home Office complained that I was hosting copyrighted material)…

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