Home Office "Go Home" Van Pilot…

Photograph of the Home Office Go Home Van
Photograph: Home Office/PA

So, it was publicly advertised on television and billboards.  A small fleet of advertisement vans were driving around London with a massive billboard of “Go Home or Face Arrest”The public announcement by The Home Office was posted on the 25th July 2013 on the Home Office News Pages.  This scheme / pilot is clearly discriminative.  As I outlined in response to a previous FOI request I made on What Do They Know.

I therefore posted my own FOI Request Cost of the Returns Pilot.  It appears that I am not the only person interested in this subject.  Take a look at the following FOI requests also…


3 thoughts on “Home Office "Go Home" Van Pilot…”

  1. Hi Wayne,

    Great to see the effort you are putting in here and on http://our-ukba-battle.tk/ . I’m particularly impressed by your persistence on the Freedom of Information front.

    I’m one of a group of people who are campaigning on behalf of families divided by these unfair immigration rules (income, language, and so on… ) and also the bureaucracy of the application of the rules. We have about 150 stories here : http://britcits.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/stories . This is growing all the time.

    We also have an information pack with a cover letter which contains these stories. We have various lobbying campaigns (in the media, other campaign groups, politicians). We do meetups, we have been involved in a big demonstration in London, we do a lot of social media work, and we’re learning all the time.

    Take a look at our site, it’d be great to have a line of communication with you as I think we share the same aims?

    My email address (personal) is [removed]. I’m @sjplep on Twitter. Get in touch if you feel this is something worth talking about.


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