Taking Vehicles Out of The UK – Temporary Export

Taking your vehicle abroad for less than 12 months (temporary export)

If you are taking your vehicle out of the country for less than 12 months you must make sure you take your registration document (V5) or certificate (V5C) with you. If you do not have one, you should apply to a DVLA local office on form V62, available from Post Office® branches, DVLA local office or download on the vehicle forms link below. The registration certificate may take up to 14 days to arrive. If you need to travel during this time you will need to apply for temporary registration certificate. You should apply well before your journey, as there could be delays of up to 14 days in issuing the certificate if you are not already recorded as the vehicle keeper. There is a fee for this service.

You should make sure that you meet any international and national conditions for licensing and taxation. Further information can be found in leaflet V526 Taking your vehicle out of the country.

More information on this can be found on the Government Website: Taking Vehicles out of the UK.

Advertising Your Business In Ireland

There are many free, and cheap ways to advertise your business in Ireland.  Some of these methods require a little outlay to begin with. Some require no outlay.

Lets begin with the free methods (assuming you have your website setup).  Begin with listing your website and business on both Google Webmaster tools, as well as Google Plus (that Google+ page plays a very important role in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS).

Next, head on right over to Bing Webmaster Tools and get listed there too – and right after that head onto DMOZ.org (The Open Directory Project), and EW Search.

You can then list your specific products, business and services on the following websites either free of charge or for a low fee:

  • HotFrog.ie
  • GumTree.ie
  • Adverts.ie

Simply create your advert, and then post it.

The next items are pretty obvious: Facebook Pages, Linked In Pages and Twitter accounts create the perfect opportunity to get a high pagerank backlink to your website.

Moving on, you should obviously have your business listed on the main directory enquires pages, such as GoldenPages.ie

The next method of advertising your business would obviously be direct marketing, such as Leaflet Distribution.

Any business can get online for free using our Free Web Hosting solution.  We even offer very cheap, competitive rates for our Cheap Domain Registration services.

For the less techie of folks, I have created a few YouTube videos to show you how to create your website to advertise your Irish Business.

Once you have got your business website created the next obvious step is to Optimise the Website for Search Engines to crawl – SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation.  I offer a number of services to benefit you in this manner.  With fast results.  If you are interested then please get in touch, by either commenting on the Blog, or sending me an email.

Need a Flyer Design, or Business Card Created?  How about Cheap Flyer and Leaflet Printing?  These are just a few of the services we offer.

Registering your business name in Ireland

Registration of a business name is obligatory if any individual or partnership (whether composed of individuals or bodies corporate or any combination of both) or any body corporate carries on business under a name other than their own true names. Its purpose is to make public the identities of those individual(s), partnerships or corporate bodies being the legal entity behind the business name.

To register a business name, submit one of the following forms, along with the registration fee (€40 for paper filing/€20 for electronic filing), to the CRO within one month of adopting the business name:

  • Form RBN1: for an individual
  • Form RBN1A: for a partnership
  • Form RBN1B: for a body corporate

As it will save you money, you should obviously register your account on Companies Registration Online Environment (CORE).

Before deciding on your business name, you should ensure that the business name that you intend to use is not already registered.  It might also be wise to check that you can register a suitable domain name.

You can check the register of companies and register of business names free of charge using the Search Facility.

You can undertake a search of the trade mark register at the Patents Office.

You should note that registration of a business name:

  • does not give protection against duplication of the name;
  • does not imply that the name will necessarily prove acceptable subsequently as a company name;
  • does not authorise the use of the name if its use could be prohibited for other reasons. It should not for instance be taken as an indication that no rights (e.g. trade marks rights) exist in the name.

Once you have decided on your business name, you are then free to submit your Business Name Registration Form.  The Companies Registration Office provides a detailed guide of how to submit your business name registration form here.

Registering as a Self Employed Person in Ireland

To register as a Self Employed Person in Ireland, you need to either download a copy of the form TR1, or visit the local revenues office to obtain a form TR1.

On this form you will need to know your website URL, business name, telephone number, and PPSN.

When completing the TR1 form, you will usually need to complete the following sections to register as a sole trader: A1, A4, Part B and Sign the Declaration on page 4 of the form.

Most individuals will not need to register for VAT or as an Employer to begin with.  If this changes, you can complete a further TR1 at a later date.  You should then either take the form into your Local Revenue Office or post it off.

You can view guidance notes about completing your tax registration on the Revenue Website.

Step by Step Process of Registering a Self Employed Business in Ireland

To register as a self employed person in the Republic of Ireland, you need to follow a simple route:

  1. Obtain / Register for your PPSN.
  2. Register as a Self Employed Person
  3. Register your Business Name
  4. Register for Revenue Online Services (ROS.IE)
  5. Register your domain name
    1. I offer a very competitive Domain Name Registration Service, with regular special offers.
  6. Setup your Website
    1. See the link to my YouTube channel on the bottom of the page
  7. Keep Accurate Accounting Information
    1. Retain all Receipts
    2. Issue invoices for every sale you make
    3. Keep detailed mileage logs for all travel you make
  8. Register your Business Page on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
    1. It’s Free
    2. It provides a medium for people to provide an instant sharing platform
    3. It provides a method for customers to give feedback and reviews
    4. Google Plus listings can have a direct bearing on Googles SERPS.
    5. Google Plus listings also link to Google Local Places listings.

A lot of people ask the following question over and over:

“How can I prove that my self employment was genuine?”

The answer is simple:

Advertise your services, Keep a detailed record of all meetings with clients, take photographs of your setup, publish your website, ensure you pay your earned income / money into your bank/PayPal Account.


Obviously, you will incur a few charges in setting up your business.  Such as:

  • Business Name Registration
  • Advertising Your Business – Flyers, Google Adsense, ETC
  • Web Hosting / Domain Name (Note: My Free Web Hosting Offer)
  • Stationary (Pens, Pads, Paper, Letterheads, ETC)
  • Business Cards

You also need to remember that a business has requirements for accurate accounts record keeping.

Sample Accounting for Self Employed Persons

Self Employed people are required to keep accurate records of their business income and expenses.  Simply keeping bank statements is not sufficient.

This is in no way comprehensive advice, but just a starting point. You will need to do the following:

  • Keep bank statements for your business accounts
  • Issue sales invoices to each customer
  • Keep all purchase reciepts for expenses (IE: cleaning products, domain names, ETC).
  • You will also need to keep detailed accounts of incoming and outgoings.
  • In addition to this, you will wish to keep accurate transport logs (milage travelled for business reasons).


Sample Travel / Mileage Logs for Business Usage
Sample Travel / Mileage Logs for Business Usage
Sample Invoice to Client
Sample Invoice to Client
Sample Accounting Books - Cash In and Out
Sample Accounting Books – Cash In and Out