Picture of a Running Tap in Ireland for Water Quality, Price and Safety

Tap Water In Ireland – Quality, Price, Safe to Drink?

Picture of a Running Tap in Ireland for Water Quality, Price and SafetyThere are a few points about the quality of the tap water in Ireland. The first thing I’ll say is that it is somewhat of an aquired taste.

How Much is the Water Bill in Ireland?

Unlike the UK, there is presently no charge for the supply of water in Ireland. This will soon change (Quater 1 of 2015).

The Irish Water Board (http://water.ie/) began it’s water meter installation programme in August 2015. It is expected that the majority of households will have a water meter installed by 2016.

For more information about water bills in Ireland please visit: Irish Water Billing Information.

Is the water in Ireland safe to drink?

The water in Ireland is safe to drink. Although, it doesn’t taste all too pleasant when compared to other water supplies.

What about Irelands Water Quality?

Ireland Water Kettle Needs DescalingThis is the big kick for the water in Ireland. The water is pretty much full of a lot chlorine, limescale and other little irritants that affect the taste and quality of the water.

Infact, take a look at the state of this kettle after just a couple of weeks… So worthwhile bringing some Citric Acid to keep that kettle nice and clean (which will help you enjoy a nice fresh cuppa coffee and tea).

Water Filters

We purchased a Brita Water Filter jug (about €30) which gets rid of / filters out most of the “Sandy Residue” from the water. You can immediately taste the difference in the water, and is well worth the investment. The jug would of been far cheaper in the UK, but needs must.  Using the Brita Water filter jug also helps reduce the amount of limescale in the kettle (the kettle is nowhere near as bad as above since we’ve started filtering the water kettle) – although laziness does lead to just boiling water straight from the tap (and believe me: you can taste the difference in your tea/coffee).

Brita Water Filter cartiridges are about €7.50 each in Tesco Ireland, but you can buy them in the UK for cheaper (Shopping Trip to Newry guys?), and obviously buying in “Bulk” makes them cheaper (we bought 3 for €15 in Tesco, so essentially one free).

Different areas have different water quality, just like in the UK. The water in Dublin was no where near as bad as in Co. Meath – But we are right by the sea, so this might have some effect (who knows).

You can also get alternative water filters, but the replacement water filter cartridges do not really get any cheaper with own brand jugs ETC, and personally I find Brita a better water filter.