New Home Office “Centre of Life” Guidance

In response to the new Centre of Life regulation introduced on Jan 1st 2014, A user of ‘What Do They Know’ has asked The Home Office for all of their guidance in relation to the new Centre of Life requirements.

You can find the original request here: Centre of Life Guidance for Surinder Singh.

Dear Home Office,

It appears clear that you have issued new Centre of life guidance
for Surinder Singh to case workers.

Can you please provide all policy updates. Home office circulars.
And full copies of guidance in relation to the new regulation 9.3
of eea regs 2006 that was introduced on Jan 1. 2014.


Another user of What Do They Know also submitted a Freedom of Information request which resulted in pretty much the same response.  This request can be found here:  FOI Request for definition of ‘centre of life’ for immigration purposes.

Dear Home Office,

I am making a Freedom Of Information request to ascertain how the
Home Office defines ‘centre of life’ as pertaining to immigration,
and written copies of all policy documents covering this. I am also
requesting copies of any guidance issued to any officials and
officers regarding decision-making regarding this.

I have been unable to find this information, and am looking forward to hearing from you on this matter.


I particularly like the fact that this FOI response actually states that there is NO MINUMUM TIME LIMIT you must reside / work in the EEA to qualify under Surinder Singh!

It is clear that this new ammendment was simply introduced so as to allow the ECO to use a “Legal” reason for refusal.  Ensure that you streghthen any application taking note of all relevant laws / case laws! (Particularly the recent ongoing case of S and O)

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