Internet Service Providers in the UK

So, like in Ireland, Three UK offer an All You Can Eat data package.  They have a number of quite impressive offers.

The current best offer is the One Plan.  You can currently get a 30 day rolling sim only contract for just £18.00 a month.  This includes the following:

  • 2,000 any network, any time minutes
  • 5,000 Three to Three minutes
  • 5,000 Text (SMS) Messages
  • All you can eat data package


I would personally prefer a fixed line – which would give better download speeds (IE: Fibre Broadband from Virgin or BT) but for some people, the waiting time to get internet might just be beneficial to take out a contract which gets you online the *same day*. (No waiting for a telephone line install.  No waiting two weeks for broadband activation.

Much like in Ireland (See: Which Mobile Network Should I use in Ireland) you can use an Android mobile as a WiFi hotspot / router.  There are also cheaper Sim Only 30 day plans (and even cheaper plans if you wish to commit to a lengthy contract).

So: What are download speeds like?  I just did this speed test from my laptop tethered via wifi to my Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile telephone (When I use my S3 to tether it is actually faster due to the improved hardware).

Three UK Broadband Speed Test Internet
Three UK Broadband Speed Test Internet


Other Internet Service Providers:

There are many other ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in the UK.  Obviously you can use pretty much any mobile network data package (but this can get expensive).  Alternatively, you can sign up to an ADSL service such as that offered from The Post Office, Orange (Everything Everywhere), ETC or even get Fibre Optic Broadband from BT/Virgin ETC.

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