Sample letter of application for an EHIC

I previously posted regarding applying for an EHIC.  To do so not only increases your centre of life requirement, but is also a sensible move if your non-eu family member does not hold an EHIC issued by another member state (IE: The UK).

[ EU Citizen Name ]

[ Home Address ]

DATE: xx/xx/xxxx

[ Address of Local Health Office ]

Dear Sir(s)


Please find attached my application form for an European Health Insurance Card issued by the Irish Health Services Executive.  I am applying for myself [

EU NAME ] as a British Citizen and my non-EEA Family Member [ Non-EEA Name ].

I am [ an employed / a self-employed ] individual within Ireland.

I am aware that I must plan to be resident within Ireland for at least twelve months before I can apply for an Irish EHIC.  I attach a number of documents to support this fact.

Along with this application, you will find copies of the following documents:


Proof of Residence:

*Letter from my landlord

*Letter from PRTB

*Tenancy agreement [ highlight if it exceeds twelve months ]


Proof of employment [ Letter, contract of employment ] *Tax Registration Certificate

*Business name registration certificates

*PPSN Letters

*Bank account statements

*Business bank account statements and letters



[ Signed ]

[ EU Citizen Name]


You can find addresses to Local Health Offices here: Local Health Office Addresses

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