EU1 Application – Self Employed Sample Support Letter of Support

Below is a sample letter that you can send in support of your Form EU1 Application in the Republic of Ireland.

Sample EU1 Application Letter of Support


[ Home Address ]
[ DATE ]
EU Treaty Rights Section

Irish Nationalisation and Immigration Service

Department of Justice and Equality

13/14 Burgh Quay

Dublin 2


Dear Sir(s)

EU1 Application – Letter of Support

Please find attached the Form EU1 application and a number of supporting documents for my spouse ([ NON-EEA NAME ])’s residence card on the basis of being married to a self employed EEA National within your state, in accordance with Article 10 of Directive 2004/38/EC.


My spouse entered Ireland with myself on the [ DATE ] via [ METHOD OF ENTRY ]. We reported to the Intreo Centre immediately to acquire her PPS Number.


In accordance with Article 6 of the Directive we understand that we do not need to register for a residence card until three months are over. However, we are applying early as we intend to make our home in Ireland. My spouse would also like to work and therefore a residence card will benefit us.


I regularly travel for work, so would request that our documents are returned as soon as possible. I am able to collect them from the INIS office should this be possible (My email is [ EU National’s Email Address ] and telephone number is [ EU National’s Telephone Number ]) – As a self employed individual I require my ID to travel throughout Europe (The UK do not issue national ID cards).


I am a self employed [ job title ]. I am registered for taxation with Revenue under the code [ REGISTRATION NUMBER – Usually PPSN ] and also have a registered business.


As evidence of my business activities within the state, I attach:

  • A copy of my registration letter for self employed taxation
  • A copy of both of my business name registration documents for CRO
    • [ Business Name ]
  • A copy of a few of my commission invoices for various reseller services
  • A selection of invoice copies to clients for my business activities.
  • Proof of domain name ownership
  • Website Printouts
  • Bank statements
  • ……


Should any further proof of self employment be required then I would be more than happy to provide this. I will provide my further bank statements as soon as possible (note that my Irish business bank account has only recently opened). As well as further invoices if they are required.


As evidence of residing within the state, I attach a copy of our PPSN letters, and copies of correspondence, and a copy of our tenancy agreement. We are awaiting our PRTB registration letter.


As proof of identity, we attach the passport of my spouse ([ Non EU Name ]) and myself the EU Citizen ([ EU NAME ]).


As the business is still in the early stages, I attach a print out of our joint account from the Bank of Ireland. I have also attached a copy of a letter relating to my recently opened Business Bank Account with the Bank of Ireland.


Whilst not a legal requirement, I attach a number of bank statements showing that I have sufficient funds to maintain my family, You will see funds of Sterling GBP in the following accounts in the UK:
As well as funds of €xxxx.xx Euro in our joint bank account in Ireland.


My spouse ([ NON EU NAME ]) and myself ([EU NAME ]) have children together ([NAMES]) of whom we attach a copy of their Birth Certificates.


We will submit further documents in due course in relation to my income / self employment. I would appreciate the return of our documents speedily though, so as to exercise my treaty rights across the EU.


Yours Sincerely,





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