Brexit – Article 50 – Leaving The EU

So, I’m sure you’ve all seen the news, about Brexit.  If not, where the hell have you been?

So what exactly does Brexit mean for The Surinder Singh Route?  Well, for now, technically nothing.  We haven’t left the EU YET, and until we have left, we are still bound by EU Law.  Obviously, the government may choose to just ignore the law, and screw us over…  but that wouldn’t bode well for international politics ETC – would it?

So, needless to say, there are a number of jobsworths in the Home Office already contemplating the fact we’re off out of the EU.  People are definitely suffering on their applications.  They know the clock is ticking, and they don’t intend to make it easy.

We’ve seen Centre of Life information for the past few years.  (since 2014) and it’s still there, despite being ruled as unlawful by O v Netherlands etc.  The Home Office now expect you to provide lots of information relating to your living status (alot more than in 2014).

These changes have been in place for a number of months now, and we’ve already seen numerous people sent letters asking for more information…

So what’s this got to do with Brexit?  Well, you might of noticed that there’s been a massive court case… (The government lost) and then we had a commons vote.  Corbyn – the OPPOSITION LEADER – took the side of the Tories.  No CONCESSIONS etc were argued, etc.  The other day, short Article 50 bill passed without amendment, without report stage, without 3rd reading debate. 494 to 122… and who do we have to thank for this? Well that’s Corbyn.  If we’re on the way out of the EU, it needs to work for all.  I’ve already come to terms with the fact we’re leaving…  But why should we all suffer because these bloody idiots “in power” can’t do anything other than attempt to score browny points.


Summing up: Nobody knows the real plan.  Nobody knows what’s going to happen.  We can assume that they plan to get rid of as many immigrants as possible.  We can assume that they plan to screw over working folk (as usual).

Do you still wanna come back to the UK? Do it quickly, or consider another route.  Many people are deciding to setup home elsewhere to stay now.

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