Irene Clennell – 53 Year Old Grandmother Removed

Home Office Forcibly removes 53 year old grandmother

A grandmother – who made headlines for being placed in immigration detention after living in Britain for nearly 30 years – was forcibly removed from the country on Sunday.

Irene Clennell, a 53 year old grandmother, who has spent almost 30 years living in the UK has been forcibly removed from the UK by UK Home Office officials.  She has just £12 in her pocket – AngleNews states (Irene Clennell Removed).  This is quite drastic considering that Irene has once held ILR (Indefinite leave to remain) which only expired because she left the country to care for her sick parents.

The government keep on harping on about “British Values”.  Well please explain how these actions are British.  This is an outright disgusting act, by a government who wants to stop at nothing to reduce it’s net migration numbers.


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