Skilled Worker Charge coming… £1000 (ONE THOUSAND QUID) per applicant.

So, the Home Office have release another update for Fees and Changes. Included, to mention a few of the ever growing collection of pleasantries and “gifts” from this “lovely” ‘Immigration Bill’ include:

Immigration Skills Charge
Employers will be required to pay £1,000 per Tier 2 migrant sponsored per year, with a reduced rate of £364 per migrant per year for small and charitable sponsors.

Civil registration
Existing legislation governing the registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships is restrictive in terms of the products and services for which fees may be charged. The Home Office are looking for flexible fee-raising powers in respect of services provided.  So… Expect to have to pay more when you wanna get married, have kids, or pop ya cloggs…  most likely even more so if you’re an immigrant.
Despite reducing costs of passports…  The act is looking to allow the Home Office to formalise the framework of costs
underpinning the passport fees – for example the costs of processing more complex applications requiring costly Home Office interventions, and to allow some passport fees to be set at above cost… The hopes of this is to provide further reductions to a select few (likely paid for once again by immigrants).

Check out the publication on the gov uk website.

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