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The Importance of Play for Under 8’s

So, I made a large number of Freedom of Information Requests to some Public Authorities. One of them being the Department for Education, in my request entitled Importance of Play for Under 8s. I have received a sort of response (after some hassles) which I am satisfied with. This response releases the following information:

1: Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage – Setting the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five.

2: Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – This non-statutory guidance material supports practitioners in implementing the statutory requirements of the EYFS.

3: Researching Effective Pedagogy in the Early Years.

In addition the DfE have linked me to the search results for all publications containing ‘Play’ in the title.

So, it is clear, from documents already in circulation, in addition to common sense, that children learn the most important lessons for their life in the first five years of their life. Lessons which involve their Primary Physical and Psychological development. I highly recommend looking at the guidance in (2) above, in addition to other information located at

Lizzie "The Immigrants Wife" – Bye Bye Papa

As posted previously, The Home Office expect my wife to leave the country and for myself to care for them alone. There are a number of moral problems to this, and whilst my wife is currently still in the country – is it fair for any child to have to go through the following:

This video is from here:

This is clearly wrong. No child should be subjected to this treatment. We have the story of Skype Mummy (which The Home Office wants echoing over and over).

This clearly goes against both the UNCRC and TFEU.

Department for Education – Breast Feeding

SERP From Google For the Term "Department for Education Breast Feeding"
SERP From Google For the Term “Department for Education Breast Feeding”

So, I made a number of Freedom of Information Requests to several Public Authorities.  The Department for Education has came back rather promptly on the request I made to them DfE – Breast is Best, refusing the request stating that the information is not held.  However… This is clearly untrue.  I did a simple Google Search (to the left) and it resulted in a rather useful peice of information: The very first result being the Thesaurus Term for Breastfeeding.  This term inturn links through to the related content: Diet and nutrition in Early Years from 26 April 2012. The most useful piece of information on this page clearly states the following:

Infancy and childhood are of critical importance in the development of healthy bodies and habits. For example, breastfeeding gives babies all the nutrients they need and provides both mother and baby with a range of health benefits. The current advice is to continue for six months or longer.

Whilst I understand that it could well be the fact that this information is exempt under Section 21 of the FOI Act, the notice stated that no information was held. This is clearly untrue. I am obviously asking for an internal review on this basis. As I have found this information by a very simple Google search, it appears clear that the DfE hold information on this subject.

Breast is Best

So, after the refusal notice from The Home Office, it came to light that The Home Office don’t care much about the best interests of a child – despite being bound to it by their Section 55 responsibilities.

However the fact that you are breastfeeding, in itself, does not confer a derivative right.  Depriving the child of the ability to be breastfed by you if you are required to leave the UK is not regarded  as depriving the child of the benefit of its rights as a union citizen.  should this particular aspect of the case wish to be pursued then you may wish to make an Art 8 application as detailed later in this letter.

So, lets get a bit of insight into the whole situation.

  1. The Home Office don’t care about the fact that the baby is Breast Fed.  Basically saying “Touch S**t”.
  2. It is a *fact* that it is in a babies best interests to be breast fed.
  3. They do not actually assess the best Interests of a child.
  4. This fact will only go to help our case – as outlined in the recent MA and SA ruling.

It appears that the Home Office clearly do not take the Best Interests of a Child into the matter at hand – they even state such in the refusal notices by stating “must make an Art 8 application“.

Since 1999, there have been numerous reports by the Gov that outlines the fact that “Breast is Best”.

(Search YouTube: Breast is Best)

It is for this reason the following What Do They Know freedom of information requests were filed: