Getting Your Spouse's Visa to Ireland

Acquiring a Visa to Ireland

If your spouse (or other family member) requires a visa to enter the Republic of Ireland, then they need to apply for a visa to join the EU family member.  You can apply for a visa to Ireland using their AVATS system, but before applying check whether you actually require a visa.

As per Directive 2004/38/EC, all visas that are required for the family member of an EEA national, must be issued free of charge.

When applying for a visa for my wife, we submitted our visa directly to the Embassy of Ireland via post.

We submitted the following along with the signed declaration:

  • Copy of EU passport
  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Letter from EU National stating:

I (Name) will be travelling with my spouse (name) on the DD MONTH, YEAR.  We will be travelling together.  We are applying for a Class C visa.  We have included a Special Delivery envelope with the application for the safe, secure return of all of our documents.


  • Birth certificates of our children
  • Passport of my wife (They then requested her old expired passport – so ensure you send them all – just keep copies)

I’m sure this doesn’t need stating: but send all documents SPECIAL DELIVERY.  And send a return Special Delivery envelope (Ensure you take note of the bar-code on the return envelope before sealing it into the envelope).

When you complete the AVATS system, you will need to print off the confirmation page to send with your application.  Remember to make a note of your application number and keep a second copy of the application form and confirmation page for your own records.



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