Registering with a Doctor in Ireland

Nobody plans to get ill, sick, or injured.  What if it happens though?  You’d like to know that your doctor has your history and that they can access it without any problems.  This factor is even more important if you have got children with you.  It is also a method you can use to show that you’re centre of life has transferred to Ireland.

To register with a doctor in Ireland, you will need to send them the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Full Residential Address
  • Contact Details
  • Next of Kin
  • PPSN Number
  • Previous GP Details – This enables the GP to get a copy of your medical history.

Sample GP / Doctor in Ireland Registration Letter


[ Name ]
[ Address]
[ Date ]

[ Address of GP ]

Dear Sir(s) / [ Name of Doctor ],

Patient Registration

I am writing today to register myself [ EU Name ] and my family for services at your practice.  You can contact us via the following methods:

  • Telephone: 0999999999
  • Email: [ EU Email ]
  • Post: [ Residential Address ]

I would like to register the following people at your surgery for medical care:

  • Myself, [ EU Name ], [ Sex ], DOB: [ Date of Birth ], PPSN: [ PPSN Number ]
  • My Spouse and Next of Kin: [ Non-EU Name ],  [ Sex ], DOB: [ Date of Birth ], PPSN: [ PPSN Number ]
  • [ And our child(ren): ]
    • Our [ Son / Daughter ]: [ Name ], [ Sex ], DOB: [ …. ], PPSN: [ … ]

Our previous GP was located at the following address:

[Old GP Name]

[Old GP Address]

where we resided at the following address:

[Address in the UK/ETC]

I would appreciate confirmation of our registration, either by post or email.  Should any further details be required please contact us using the details above.


[ EU Sign (if written) ]
[ EU Name ]

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