Home Office Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses Contact Details

Home office telephone numbers

Are you looking for to contact somebody at the home office?   Are you looking for one of the home office telephone numbers?

Below is a list of contact details for teams / departments / people within the Home Office.  I will try and describe each contact detail, so as you reach the correct person.

If you know of additional details, or details change, please leave a comment, and I will endeavour to change the information ASAP.

Do you work for the Home Office? Do you want me to remove one of the details below? Please submit a comment/Send me an email (Wayne at Pearsall dot eu) stating the reason that you wish for the details to be removed.  Please note: whilst I will read any representations made, I do not guarantee that any removal will be made.

Director General’s At The Home Office Telephone Numbers

Sarah Rapson heads the UK Visa’s and Immigration (UKVI) force.  I do have her contact details.  Including email, telephone, and secretary/PA names (and their contact details *Hi Debbie*).  But after previous experience of publishing her contact details publicly, I know she’ll simply get them changed.  If it’s urgent, then I may consider disclosing them.

Mandie Campbell heads the Immigration Enforcement (IE) section of the Home Office.  You can email her on [email protected] or telephone her office directly on 020 7035 0334

NW Euro Department

We all submit application’s to North West Euro (even though they are sent to Durham/ETC, they get FWD to Liverpool).  So, you might find somebody to contact there useful.

Operational Policy Unit


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