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Gather all of your documents

When you move to a new country, there are a fair few steps that you might need to take.  Something for sure is that you will need to ensure that you have all of the relevant documents to take with you.

Remember to pack the following documents:

  • Passports for everybody (EEA, Spouse, Children)
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificates of children
  • Also do not forget to get your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your home Member State before leaving.  In the UK you can do this online on the NHS website: [Apply for UK EHIC]
  • Evidence of you relationship before going to the other EEA member state
  • Evidence of your national insurance contributions in the United Kingdom (This will be useful, as after excersising treaty rights in another EEA state you are classed as a worker, and therefore entitled to public funds as such)


BBC: “The Britons leaving the UK to get their relatives in”

The BBC Article can be found here: The Britons Leaving the UK to get their relatives in. It is a rather ‘enlightening’ article on the Surinder Singh Route for anybody who want’s to follow it up.

However, regardless of how insightful the article is, it is rather depressing that their headline is accusing British citizens of bypassing immigration regulations by using a technicality.  As it is outlined on the front page of this website.  This route is based on a ruling of the European Courts.  Any ruling in the European Courts is enforcable in the UK’s legislation.