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Recommended Immigration Advisers

What is a recommended immigration adviser?

A recommended immigration adviser is one that somebody you know has used.  These are most often the best sort of recommendations, but should not be taken as the only information you use.

Do we have recommended immigration advisers?

We do not recommend any specific immigration advisers.  Every case is unique.  Just because a certain immigration adviser was good for one case, it doesn’t mean that same immigration adviser will be good for another case.

Where can I find recommended immigration advisers?

You can search the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) website to find a registered immigration adviser.  You can also search the Solicitors Regulation Authority for a solicitor.

Is there anything to be careful of?

Of course.  There are many out there that don’t have a clue.  Some of the advisers you speak to may well just lead you into making an application knowing that you don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of succeeding.

So who to trust? – this is why you want to speak to people who have used immigration advisers.  See what they say about them.  Read reviews online – but be careful, fake reviews are really easy to publish.  Join immigration forums and groups – you will find many specific Facebook groups to your own route.



In just 30 minutes as I write the Supreme Court is to hand down a judgment in the #mmcase.   You can view live on the Supreme Court website here: https://www.supremecourt.uk/live/court-01.html


It’s been a year since the case hearing in the SC began  on 22nd Feb 16, with the case lasting three days.  With litterally just under a year since the case hearing concluded many thousands of people – families – have been sat  on the edge of their seats waiting for an answer from our justice system.


So what is the word… Not long to find out.  Make sure you tune in to view.





EEA Citizen Family Visa Residence Card

What is an EEA Citizen Family Visa?

An EEA Citizen Family Visa is issued under eu law.  This is a separate set of immigration regulations to the national immigration rules. An EEA Citizen Family Visa is one linked to Directive 2004/38/Ec – the free movement directive.  This directive is a set of treaty rights given to all EU Nationals.  Family members of EU citizens can apply for visas linked to the treaty rights.  The reason being that EU Citizens might otherwise be discourage from travel etc.

What is an EEA Citizen Family Visa in the UK?

In the UK an EEA Citizen Family Visa is a residence card issued in accordance with the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 (as amended).

How to apply for an EEA Citizen Family Visa in the UK?

You can apply for an EEA Citizen Family Visa also known as a residence card from within the UK by completing application form EEA(FM).

If you are outside of the UK,  and wish to enter,  you might need to apply for what is known as an EEA Family Permit.

The Surinder Singh Route closed? No it hasn’t!


The Surinder Singh Route closed?

I’ve seen many posts online stating that the Surinder Singh route has been closed.   This is simply a misrepresentation of the current facts.  The Surinder Singh route closed?  Nah,  not just yet.

The Home Office have tried it’s hardest to close the route for years, first implementing the centre of life ruling in 2014.  They have expanded on this unlawful guidance over time,  to what has been issued in  November 2016.

The Surinder Singh Route is definitely open

Over the last few years   and even months the route had been used by an increasing number of people.  Whilst I don’t want to tell you is an easy route – because it’s not – the route is certainly still a viable option for many.

Impact of MMCase

Since the mmcase was ruled last week,  many now see Singh as a viable option.   Singh still had the basic requirements it always had.   The Home Office are refusing many for idiotic reasons :

  •  You still had a UK tesco club card
  • One would expect you to live there on excess of two years
  • And so on lap

It is worth noting that there is a  balance to be met.   In any case,  the home office – just like you – had to meet the burden of proof on the balance of probabilities.

Nothing in life is a cake walk.

That being said,  those with children should seriously consider alternatives.   There are visa rules allowing parents of children to apply outside of the rules.   Surinder Singh is not the only options – and it certainly isn’t cheap to move to another country.

Separation of life in exile

All the same,  you have to choose one simple point. Do you want to live with your spouse?

What is the most important thing?

Live with your spouse – regardless of the place – or be separated?  Personally I’d choose a life with my wife any day of the week.  Every week apart is a week too long in my opinion.

What if The Surinder Singh Route Closed whilst I’m in another country?

Shit happens.  But wasn’t the move worth it?  I mean,  even three months together is better than nothing.   You’ve managed for the three months so what is stopping you managing longer?

Is remaining in the host country such a bad idea?

Whilst we have family in the UK,  is a life elsewhere really such a bad idea?  I mean a house is just bricks and mortar – somewhere to live.  Home is where you’re loved.  Isn’t that where the man or woman you married lives?


Surinder Singh Route Step by Step Guides

If you are looking for a Surinder Singh Route Step by Step then you have came to the right place.    The Surinder Singh Route Step by Step guides on this website are minimal information  guide.  These are what you would normally do to meet the requirements of the EU Route Visa.

So – In short – What’s the process?

Surinder Singh Route Step by Step
Simple Surinder Singh Route Step by Step Flowchart

Where do I Find these Step by Step Guides?

There are a number of Step by Step guides on this website.  There is a Step by Step guide for starting a self employed business in Ireland.  Additionally, the Republic of Ireland has it’s own Surinder Singh Step by Step guide. Detailing things from Applying for an entry visa to Registering for your GP.

The Surinder Singh Ireland Step by Step Guide

You can find the Surinder Singh Ireland Step by Step guide here: The Republic of Ireland.  Within the step by step guide there are links which direct you to more detailed information on the Surinder Singh process.

Surinder Singh Visa

What is a Surinder Singh Visa

A Surinder Singh Visa is the commonly used name referring to an EEA Family Permit.  The Surinder Singh Visa is the visa that you get when you are returning to the EU National’s home country. For example: returning to the UK with a British citizen.  Other EEA States use a different name for their own family reunification visas.

How do I get a Surinder Singh Visa?

In order to get a Surinder Singh Visa for your non-eu spouse, there are a few requirements to meet first.

You must live in an EEA member state other than your country of nationality.  This applies to both the EU citizen and the non-EU citizen.

The EU citizen should work.  This can be self employed, or employed.

Under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 you also need to show that the EU Citizen has transferred his centre of life to the host member state.  Please note that the Case of O v Netherlands showed that the Centre of Life test is unlawful.

Once you have met the requirements, you will then be able to reside back in the EU citizen’s country of origin.  If this is the United Kingdom, the Surinder Singh Visa would be an EEA Family Permit.

I also highlight that O v Netherlands (c-456/12) extended those eligible for a Surinder Singh Visa to those who are self sufficient and students.  The UK have still failed to implement this though.

Could I be mistaking a Surinder Singh Visa for something else?

It is quite possible that when you originally searched for a Surinder Singh Visa, you were referring to a Join EU Spouse visa. For example: A visa to Ireland.  This will allow you to begin your journey back to your home member state (such as the UK).

Once you have got your visa to Ireland, you can learn more about the Surinder Singh Ireland route.