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Surinder Singh Visa Free Movement

What is a Surinder Singh Visa?

A Surinder Singh Visa is an immigration status document issued in compliance with Regulation 9 of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006.  This regulation allows for a British Citizens to sponsor their family to the UK in accordance with European Law, instead of very restrictive UK Immigration Rules.

How can I get a Surinder Singh Visa?

To be eligible for a Surinder Singh Visa you need to have met a few basics:

  1. You must of lived in an EEA Member state (other than your state of nationality) with your family member.
  2. You must of been a qualified person under the Free Movment Directive (2004/38/EC).  This means a worker, student, or self sufficient. However, please note that the UK read this very restrictively, and expect the EEA national to have worked in the other member state.
  3. The residence must of been for excess of 3 months at a minimum.  The longer the better… because the UK expects the EEA national to have transferred their centre of life to the other member state.


How to begin with a Surinder Singh Visa?

To begin your Surinder Singh Route journey, head on over to the home page, we have many different articles of free information to help you get started.  Please note that this information is just a signpost.  Under no circumstances should you accept this information as any form of advice.

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