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Recommended Immigration Advisers

What is a recommended immigration adviser?

A recommended immigration adviser is one that somebody you know has used.  These are most often the best sort of recommendations, but should not be taken as the only information you use.

Do we have recommended immigration advisers?

We do not recommend any specific immigration advisers.  Every case is unique.  Just because a certain immigration adviser was good for one case, it doesn’t mean that same immigration adviser will be good for another case.

Where can I find recommended immigration advisers?

You can search the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) website to find a registered immigration adviser.  You can also search the Solicitors Regulation Authority for a solicitor.

Is there anything to be careful of?

Of course.  There are many out there that don’t have a clue.  Some of the advisers you speak to may well just lead you into making an application knowing that you don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of succeeding.

So who to trust? – this is why you want to speak to people who have used immigration advisers.  See what they say about them.  Read reviews online – but be careful, fake reviews are really easy to publish.  Join immigration forums and groups – you will find many specific Facebook groups to your own route.