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Surinder Singh Visa

What is a Surinder Singh Visa

A Surinder Singh Visa is the commonly used name referring to an EEA Family Permit.  The Surinder Singh Visa is the visa that you get when you are returning to the EU National’s home country. For example: returning to the UK with a British citizen.  Other EEA States use a different name for their own family reunification visas.

How do I get a Surinder Singh Visa?

In order to get a Surinder Singh Visa for your non-eu spouse, there are a few requirements to meet first.

You must live in an EEA member state other than your country of nationality.  This applies to both the EU citizen and the non-EU citizen.

The EU citizen should work.  This can be self employed, or employed.

Under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 you also need to show that the EU Citizen has transferred his centre of life to the host member state.  Please note that the Case of O v Netherlands showed that the Centre of Life test is unlawful.

Once you have met the requirements, you will then be able to reside back in the EU citizen’s country of origin.  If this is the United Kingdom, the Surinder Singh Visa would be an EEA Family Permit.

I also highlight that O v Netherlands (c-456/12) extended those eligible for a Surinder Singh Visa to those who are self sufficient and students.  The UK have still failed to implement this though.

Could I be mistaking a Surinder Singh Visa for something else?

It is quite possible that when you originally searched for a Surinder Singh Visa, you were referring to a Join EU Spouse visa. For example: A visa to Ireland.  This will allow you to begin your journey back to your home member state (such as the UK).

Once you have got your visa to Ireland, you can learn more about the Surinder Singh Ireland route.

Applying for an EEA Family Permit

Once you are ready to return to the UK, you would probally want to apply for an EEA Family Permit.  This application is a simple process, although the form itself asks for a lot of irrelevant information.

Before completing the application, make sure you can print out your application immediately, and if not immediately, make sure you have a PDF Document Writer (or equiv) so as you can print TWO COPIES of the form.

When you are ready to apply for your EEA Family Permit, head on over to the Visa4UK website (http://visa4uk.fco.gov.uk).

  1. At the time of writing this post, the FCO have launched a new Visa Application system (which appears to be “faulty” and is deleting your appointment – hence print it immediately).
  2. You will need an account, so click on “Register an Account”.
  3. Complete the form (the Applicant is the NON EU) and then agree to the terms, and click on “Register”.
  4. You’ll recieve an email to confirm your email address – So pop off to Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail ETC to confirm your email address.
  5. Once confirmed, you should be able to login to your account. – Enter your email address and password.
  6. Once signed in, click on “Apply for Myself” on the top of the screen.
  7. The next page gives you warnings about use of false documents ETC.  Make sure you read and understand this information – then click on Continue.
  8. On the next page, you complete the details of the applicant (the Non-EU).
  9. The type of visa that you are applying for is on the following category:
    1. “Reason for Visit: Other”
    2. “Visa Type: EEA/Swiss Family Member”
    3. “Visa Sub Type: Family Member of an EEA National”
  10. Click on “Create Application”.
  11. You will then be able to complete the application form…

Obviously, you will need to complete the application with details relevant to your own situation, so only yourselves can answer the form.  A lot of the information is not required, but there is little you can do about completing it. (Otherwise you cannot submit the application online).

The only information you legally need to provide is:

  • Proof that you have worked as an employed or self employed person
  • Proof that you have resided together in the EEA state in which you work
  • Proof of ID (Passports)
  • and Proof of Relationship (Marriage Certificate)

Once you have completed the application form, you can submit it (note: it takes a while to complete.

You can then book an appointment on the system.  It is important that your book the appointment and print off the confirmation letter immediately – Make sure you print two copies – One for them, and one for yourself.

Payment is not required for an EEA Family Permit – as per the directive.  However, they charge a fee for a courier service of your documents back to yourselves.  We chose to collect our documents.  This meant that there was no payment required for the visa.

Heres the kicker though: You can only collect your document between 9:00am and 9:30am (which to me, screams a breach of the directive – as this is not giving EVERY OPPORTUNITY POSSIBLE to obtain the visa [Article 5])


What Documents Do You Supply

Below is just a sample of possible documents. Obviously, your own documents might well be different.

Proof that you have worked in a member state

Employed Persons

  • Work Contracts
  • Pay Slips
  • Letters from Employers
  • any other work related documents (IE: P45’s if change of job ETC)

Self Employed Persons

  • Tax Registration Letter
  • Business name registration certificate
  • Copy of business website etc
  • Copy of invoices issued to customers
  • Copy of reciepts for products purchased (costs)
  • Copy of other business accounting….
  • Business bank statements
  • Google Listings (Google Places, Google Plus)
  • Facebook Listings ETC
  • Copy of advertisements (IE: Paper, local church, shops, flyers ETC)

Proof of ID

You must supply the passport of the non-EU national. You should also be prepared to present the EU nationals passport – but at the very least supply a copy!

Proof of Residing together

  • Letter from Landlord
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Letter from PRTB if applicable (IE: it is not required for a lodger to be registered with the PRTB if the landlord lives in the same household.)
  • Bank statements
  • Any other letters which have name and address on (IE: Driving License)

Proof of Relationship

  • This is usually a marriage certificate
  • Birth Certificates of any kids if you have any together

Other documents…

  • A letter from the EU national confirming that you will travel to the UK together.  This letter should outine the main points that you have worked, and lived together in whichever member state you have resided in.  It should also outline that you are applying under the case of Surinder Singh.
  • Residence Cards / Permits from the host member state
  • PPS Cards
  • EHIC Cards issued by member state
  • Letters confirming that you are registered at the local doctors
  • Letters from the kid’s schools / preschools / child minders



It is important to make three bundles of your documents. These bundles are as follows:

  1. Original Documents [ Take to embassy – they should retain marriage certificate and non-EU passport ]
  2. Copy of Documents [ Take to embassy – they keep, but verify against originals (so keep the bundles in order) ]
  3. Copy of Documents [ You keep this copy, incase they loose anything / retain both sets you take to the embassy ]

How Long Does My Application Take To Process?

Well… This varies on your application. You can check on the UKBA Visa Processing times in Dublin, Ireland.